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  We are an engineering service company, specializing in powertrain assembly system integration in automotive industry. Company's main business assembles pipelined design , installation and debugging including automating , PLC programming, with systematic industry IT application being put into effect, robot technology application waits , designing a scheme and assembling a debugging and so on successively being that the enterprise automatic production lines such as automobile , internal-combustion engine , motorcycle , electron light industry has provided a great quantity at home and abroad serves.The company strengthens enterprise for improving engineering level, oneself strength, the broad technology enterprise having successively had international standards much with home and abroad has been carried out works together , the technology having accumulated a great quantity is advanced , the function is stable design plan , consistent favourable comment and ratification greatly, having reduced customer's cost of production , having got colleagues of industry.
    Range of service:


  ☆ Design、installing & debugging of roboticized pipelining.
  Have engine conduit pipe pressure dress mainly , mark pressure with a circle packing the automatic production line , jar body water mssingle of pressure dress , jar body axial cam axle bush pressure dress , speed change box , change to an implement as well as the piston ring assembles , the conduit pipe card encloses assembling and grease seal assembling and so on engine assembly line, production line upper various component and part assembling machine, assembly line.

  ☆ PLC Programming.
  The measurement having a jar to experience and observe the axial cam hole and the crank shaft hole mainly is divided into group , online jar body jar hole measurement is divided into group as well as the axial cam , the crank shaft axis footpath measure , the piston measurement and the speed change box gap measure equipment.

  ☆ Application & implementation of industrial IT system.
Big flux cooling liquid cuttings all together treatment system is used for the purification that cuttings removes on the production line with cooling liquid mainly. Have host pump system , fliteration to arrange crumbs system , the cooling liquid box mainly , paint system , navar removing a device , pouring a gas on the basis of that the crumbs slot, floats.

  ☆ Application of robot technology.
 Having the engine jar body , water jacket and vitta that the jar builds to try leaving out machine mainly , changing to an implement try leaving out machine , engine and speed change box assembly trying leaving out machine , the oil shell bottom trying leaving out machine and so on.


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